Multimeter Nanovoltometer Power Supply

Multimeter Nanovoltometer Power Supply

Equipment: Electric measurements setup: multimeter, nanovoltmeter, power supply
Technique: Electric measurements
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Responsible: Piotr Walter /

Description: Electric measurements setup including 2 multimeters, nanovoltmeter and DC power supply. Allows for 2-point and 4-point probe measurements.


Keysight 34461A6½ digit multimeter

MeasurementAC current, AC voltage,  capacitance,  DC current,  DC voltage,  frequency,  resistance,  resistance (2-wire),  resistance (4-wire),  temperatureSampling1000x/sDC voltage measuring range100mV/1V/10V/100V/1kVAC voltage measuring range100mV/1V/10V/100V/750VAC current measuring range 100µA/1mA/10mA/100mA/1A/3A/10ADC current measuring range100µA/1mA/10mA/100mA/1A/3A/10AResistance measuring range100Ω/1kΩ/10kΩ/100kΩ/1MΩ/10MΩ/100MΩCapacitance measuring range1nF/10nF/100nF/1µF/10µF/100µFFrequency measuring range3…300kHz
GW INSTEK GDM-834150000 Counts Dual Measurement Multimeter

MeasurementAC current,  AC voltage,  capacitance,  DC current,  DC voltage,  frequency,  resistanceDC voltage measuring range500mV/5V/50V/500V/1kVAC voltage measuring range500mV/5V/50V/500V/750VAC current measuring range 500µA/5mA/50mA/500mA/5A/10ADC current measuring range500µA/5mA/50mA/500mA/5A/10AResistance measuring range500Ω/5kΩ/50kΩ/500kΩ/5MΩ/50MΩ
Keithley 2182A nanovoltmeter
Optimized for making stable, low noise voltage measurements and for characterizing low resistance materials and devices reliably and repeatably.Functions: Current Source, NanovoltmeterOutput Power: 11WSource Voltage Range: ± 100mV to ± 40VSource Current Range: ± 2nA to ± 100mANoise at 1 s response time, in 1V range: 600nV
DC power supply
Keithley 2231A-30-3 Triple channel DC power supply
Output a total of 195W of power with two 30V@3A outputs and one 5V@3A outputthree isolated, independent, and adjustable outputsVoltage outputs basic accuracy: 0.06%Current outputs basic accuracy: 0.2%Maximum voltage output: 60 V (two 30V outputs wired in series)Maximum current output: 6 A (two 30V outputs wired parallel)

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