Flexo printer: RK Print Coat Instruments/Flexiproof 100/UV

Flexo printer: RK Print Coat Instruments/Flexiproof 100/UV
Transnational Access Activity/Installation
TA3. Prototype fabrication • TA3.3. Industrial printing

Equipment: RK Print Coat Instruments/Flexiproof 100/UV
Technique: Flexographic printing
Contact person (AlmaScience): Luís Pereira (luis.pereira@almascience.pt)
Responsible: Emanuel Carlos (e.carlos@fct.unl.pt), Cristina Gaspar (cristina.gaspar@almascience.pt)

Description: The FlexiProof 100 offers a high speed, operator-friendly machine for the production of proofs using water, solvent or UV flexographic inks. It is an essential tool for all those involved in the manufacture and use of flexo inks. Ideal for quality control testing to ensure consistency of performance of inks and substrates over time, presentation samples, printability of substrates, R&D including product and commercial viability, and computer colour matching data.


  • Quick change, ceramic or steel anilox;
  • Swing in doctor blade with safety cover;
  • Up to 99 m/min print speed;
  • Single sheet or multiple sheet;
  • PLC controlled ;
  • Use any flexible substrate;
  • Five ceramic anilox rollers, with two engraved bands (1-2 cm3/m2, 3-4 cm3/m2, 5-6 cm3/m2, 7-8 cm3/m2 , 13-18 cm3/m2);
  • Print area up to 240×75 mm;
  • Combined with UV curing (200 W/cm  and a peak wavelength: 310-370 nm).

Link for additional information: https://www.rkprint.com/products/flexiproof-100-uv/