Success stories

Success stories

Testimonial by Pavel Kulha and Maximilian Scherf from Profactor GmbH

EMERGE participants (3rd Call): Pavel Kulha and Maximilian Scherf 

Research organization: PROFACTOR GmbH

EMERGE host institution: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Joining calls within EMERGE is highly recommendable since it ́s an easy way to access facilities that are not available at the home institution. As an output, this collaboration is strengthening collaboration between involved research institutions and opens the possibility to discuss new ideas and projects in person“, says Pavel Kulha from Profactor GmbH.

Testimonial by Andrew Simpson from Syenta


EMERGE participant (4th Call): Andrew Simpson 

Visiting company: Syenta (Australia)

EMERGE host institution: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

By comparing state of the art printing techniques with Syenta printing, several novel applications for Syenta printer could be conceived by combining other printing
techniques. Moreover, this project provided an insight into limitations and advantages of different printing techniques compared to Syenta printer.
says Andrew Simpson from Syenta.

Testimonial by Marc Vizern from Rotimpres


EMERGE participant (4th Call): Marc Vizern 

Visiting company: Rotimpres (Spain)

EMERGE host institution: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Thanks to the EMERGE fund,  we can come to RISE and test different technologies and try different strategies rather than investing in all equipments in our own lab, which would be too much expensive.“, says Marc Vizern from Rotimpres.

Testimonial by Dr. Nikola Perinka and Dr Cristian Mendes. from BCMaterials


EMERGE participant (4th Call): Dr. Nikola Perinka and Dr. Cristian Mendes 

Visiting company: BCMaterials (Spain)

EMERGE host institution: RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

EMERGE project helps us a lot because we can test our materials otherwise we cannot test at our center. We have so many problems with ink viscosity and with printability of your materials, but with the help of people at RISE, we are able to print everything that we think of.“, says Dr. Cristian Mendes from BCMaterials.