D1.2 - Internal test of EMERGE Website

WP1 - Management – MGT

Authors: Ana Rovisco, Inês Cunha, Pedro Barquinha, Rodrigo Martins, Elvira Fortunato (UNOVA)

Submission date: 28-02-2022

This deliverable describes the results achieved within task 1.6 “Communication and Dissemination Management” (led by ALMA), being also connected to the dissemination purposes of the project (WP2). The work done aimed at setting up the main information and functionalities of the website as a Single-Entry Point (SEP) to find out about the project and access the services and infrastructures made available through EMERGE research infrastructure. Herein, a detailed structure of the EMERGE website is presented.

D1.3 - Draft metadata standard for FLAPEP data

WP1 - Management – MGT

Authors: Evangelos Markakis, Konstantinos Rogdakis, Emmanuel Kymakis, Yannis Nikoloudakis (HMU)

Submission date: 07-02-2022

This deliverable (D1.3), which is the initial output of the preparatory procedures for task T1.8 (M13-M48), aims to provide a metadata model, which will describe the experiments and the derived data, within the context of Emerging Printed Electronics Research Infrastructure (EMERGE) allowing for well documented/defined cataloguing, access, and exchange procedures of the project’s results, throughout and beyond its lifecycle. This metadata model that aims to describe all the experiments, the ontologies and their inter-relationships that partake in these experiments, aims to pave the way towards the establishment of a Flexible Large Area Printed Electronics and Photonics (FLAPEP) metadata definition. This document is the first of a series of two documents (D1.3-M6, D1.5-M30), and aims to present the initial (Draft) design of the metadata model.

D3.1 - 1st Annual report on EMERGE dissemination activities

WP3 - NA2: Dissemination/ Communication activities, and Exploitation Strategy

Authors: Diana Gaspar, Luis Pereira (ALMA)

Submission date: 30-12-2022

This document is D3.1 – 1st Annual report on EMERGE dissemination activities and was prepared in the frame of work package WP3 – NA2 – Dissemination/ Communication activities and Exploitation Strategy. The EMERGE consortium is formed by 11 partners, which includes European research facilities, university laboratories and research and technology transfer organizations. The different backgrounds of the partners will have an impact on the target audience and relevant stakeholders of the project, such as public authorities, associations, academies, small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and industry, mostly connected to flexible and printed electronics. This document has two main blocks: the preliminary draft of the dissemination and communication strategy, and the dissemination activities conducted during the 1st year of the project.

D4.10 - Open Data access Management

WP4 - NA3: Development of e-infrastructure for data and information management

Authors: Evangelos Markakis, Dimitra Papatsaroucha, Nikolaos Astyrakakis, Evangelos Markakis (HMU)

Submission date: 29-12-2022

This deliverable (D4.10 – Open Data access Management) presents an initial version of the approach of the EMERGE project towards the Open Research Data Pilot, in which the project participates. This deliverable is based on the activities of WP4 and outlines the management of research related data produced by WP5, WP6, WP7, and WP8, which pertain to the transnational access activities (TAs) of the EMERGE project. The experiments conducted under the TAs, as well as their results, will produce the initial datasets that will populate the Data Repository (DR) of the “Knowledge and Best Practice Hub” (KBest) developed under WP4. These research data will be investigated further as the project progresses and the consortium will explore the feasibility of depositing and publishing them in EU Open Access data repositories. The information included in this document will be further elaborated and enhanced in D4.11 Open Access Data Management that is due in M30. 

D10.5 - Developing of new functional materials for printed electronics

WP10 - JRA2: Research on high throughput novel inks/ pastes synthesis

Authors: Jakub Krzemiński (WUT), Rita Branquinho (UNOVA), Konstantinos Rogdakis (HMU), Massimo Urban (ICN2), Pedro Barquinha (UNOVA), Inês Cunha (UNOVA)

Submission date: 21-12-2022

At this early stage of WP10, the main ongoing research focus the zinc tin oxide (ZTO) semiconductor oxide-based inks for inkjet printing, graphene related materials (GRMs) inks and conductive pastes for screen printing, as well as the development and implementation of graphene based inks into consumer inkjet printers. In the next stages of the project, it is planned to expand the presented work and start new research in the topic of new functional materials for printing.