Screen printer: Ekra E2

Screen printer: Ekra E2
Transnational Access Activity/Installation
TA3. Prototype fabrication • TA3.2. Functional 2D & 3D printing

Equipment: Semi automatic screen and stencil printer – Ekra E2
Technique: Screen-printing
Contact person (Technische Universität Dresden): Ali Shaygan Nia (ali.shaygan_nia@tu-dresden.de), Hans Kleemann (hans.kleemann1@tu-dresden.de)
Responsible: Hans Kleemann (hans.kleemann1@tu-dresden.de)

Description: Ekra E2 is a semi automatic screen and stencil printer suitable for deposition of solution processed conducting/semiconducting/dielectric materials on rigid/flexible substrates.


  • Organic and inorganic materials in the form of pastes/viscous solutions can be deposited quickly and precisely in open air conditions on a maximum area of 370 x 450 mm2
  • Comes with a Manual Optical positioning system that enables an alignment accuracy of ± 10 µm
  • Substrates with thickness in µm range all the way to 30 mm can be printed upon
  • All types of screens or stencils for functional printing and commercial electronic PCB solder paste printing respectively can be implemented within an area of 620 x 740 mm2
  • Vacuum based substrate fixation table allows precise placement of flexible and hard substrates
  • Extremely suitable for large area deposition of functional materials and for the quick testing of experimental recipes of metallic, semiconductor or dielectric inks for organic/inorganic device fabrication