Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The user declares to accept the terms and conditions presented below.

The user declares that its host institution is aware of and accepts these terms.

The Selection Committee Board (SCB) and the External Review Panel (ERP) have the right to evaluate and rank the proposals submitted within EMERGE as they see best fitting the established evaluation criteria. The decisions taken by the SCB are final and no appeal is possible.

Regarding the access granting to specific installation sites, the Technical Liaison Office (TLO) reserves the right to select and assign the sites that they deem most suitable in accordance with feasibility and internal rules for equitable distribution of access among EMERGE access providers. TLO decisions are final and no appeal is possible.
Any dispute or requests concerning the committees’ decisions will not be considered.

By entering any of the premises of EMERGE access providers or by submitting an application, the user agrees with the present Terms and Conditions, certifies that all information provided on its part is true and complete and commits to respect the EMERGE, European Commission and local rules and regulations.

The user declares that no member of its group is involved individually with the granting of access in the frame of the EMERGE project.

EMERGE reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement at any time and without notice.