Benchtop UV Cleaner with Heated Sample Stage

Benchtop UV Cleaner with Heated Sample Stage

Equipment: Benchtop UV Cleaner with Heated Sample Stage – Novascan Technologies/ PSDP-UVT
Technique: UV-Ozone Cleaner with heated sample stage
Acquisition year: 2015
Responsible: Emanuel Carlos/

Description: The PSDP-UVT Pro series combines benefits of the PSD and PSDP UV systems with the enhancement of a PID controlled heated sample stage allowing for Thermally assisted UV treament. The PSDP-UVT Thermal Assisted systems are usefully for a wide variety of applications such as thermal enhanced UV curing, UV patterning, wafer cleaning, thermal enhanced photo resist stripping, thermal enhanced PDMS bonding, fabrication and microfluidics, AFM probe cleaning, thermal enhanced ozone etching, etc.


  • Thermally Assisted UV treatment for enhanced cleaning;
  • Chemical modification, catalytic reactions, thermal annealing;
  • Thin film application, photoresist stripping and more;
  • Digitally Controlled Thermal Stage heats up to 300 °C degrees;
  • UV lamp generates UV light at both 185 nm and 254 nm;
  • Operates at atmospheric pressure with ambient air or oxygen;
  • Multiple gas ports for the introduction of gases;
  • Adjustable sample to lamp distance;
  • Safety switched to prevent user exposure to UV light.

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