Pick and place machine: Besi Data Con 2200 Evo

Pick and place machine: Besi Data Con 2200 Evo
Transnational Access Activity/Installation
TA3. Prototype fabrication • TA3.1. Device Preparation

Equipment: Besi Data Con 2200 Evo
Technique: Pick and place machine
Contact person (RISE): Yusuf Mulla (yusuf.mulla@ri.se)
Responsible: Anurak Sawatdee (anurak.sawatdee@ri.se)

Description: Equipment for surface mounting device, SMD. Mount components on the printed circuit board. The pick head can apply both heat and pressure.


  • Accuracy: ±10 µm;
  • High productivity;
  • Up to 4 working heads;
  • Single pass production for complex products;
  • Die attach, flip chip, multi-chip capability;
  • Epoxy writing & stamping, flux dipping;
  • Die pick from wafer, waffle pack, gel pack, feeder;
  • Die place to carrier, boat, substrate, lead frame, wafer;
  • Hot and cold processes supported: epoxy, soldering, thermo-compression;
  • MCM, SIP, hybrids.