2D/3D printer: Cellink BIO X™

2D/3D printer: Cellink BIO X™
Transnational Access Activity/Installation
TA3. Prototype fabrication • TA3.3. Industrial printing

Equipment: Cellink BIO X™ bioprinter
Technique: Direct printing dispenser, Fused Deposition Modelling, drop-on-demand
Contact person (Warsaw University of Technology): Jakub Krzemiński (Jakub.krzeminski@pw.edu.pl)
Piotr Walter (piotr.walter.dokt@pw.edu.pl)

Description: Cellink BIO X bioprinter is a direct-printing dispenser capable of depositioning of liquid materials (including biomaterials) from cartridges onto temperature controlled built plate. Additional printhead allows for FDM printing of thermoplastics.


Printheads     BIO X Pneumatic Printhead (3):
– Pneumatic dispensing.
– Temperature control precision within 0,5 °C.
– Heating capacity between 30 and 65 °C.

BIO X Temperature-controlled Printhead (1):
– Pneumatic dispensingTemperature control precision within 0,5 °C through self-correction.
– Heating capacity up to 65 °C.
– Cooling capacity down to 4 °C (or 17 °C below the room temperature).

Electro-Magnetic Droplet Printhead (1):
– The Electromagnetic Droplet (EMD) enables contactless jetting (drop-on-demand) or contact dispensing of low- and high-viscosity bioinks, hydrogels, and media.
– Supports both modes of dispensing, jetting or contact.
– Micro Valve SMLD 300G attachment.
– Heating capacity up to 65 °C.

BIO X Syringe Pump Printhead (1):
– The Syringe Printhead for the BIO X enables piston driven extrusion of biomaterials and bioinks. This makes it ideal for the extrusion of low and high viscosity biomaterials as droplets or the extrusion of filaments with more precise control over extruded volumes and flow rate.
– Heating capacity up to 65 °C

BIO X Thermoplastic Printhead (1):
– Exchangeable 10 mL stainless steel cartridge to ensure melting of thermoplastics
– Exchangeable nozzles to tailor filament diameter and compatibility with other biomaterials.
– Rapid heating capacity from room temperature up to 250 °C
Substrate capacity     BIO X Thermoplastic Printhead has a 10ml cartridge. The rest of the printheads are compatible with 3 ml cartridge/syringes  
Build Volume     130 x 90 x 70 mm  
Resolution XY     1 μm  
Layer Resolution     1 μm  
Pressure range     0-200 kPa  
No. of printhead slots     3  
Printbed temperature range     4-65 °C  
Printhead temperature range     4-250 °C (printhead specific)  

Link for additional information: https://www.cellink.com/bioprinting/bio-x-3d-bioprinter/