Design tool: Integrated Circuit Design Tools

Software: Integrated Circuit Design Tools
Technique: Integrated circuit design using Cadence, Mentor graphics or Altium designer tools
Contact person (RISE): Yusuf Mulla (yusuf.mulla@ri.se)
– Darius Jakonis (darius.jakonis@ri.se) – Cadence and Mentor Graphics IC design related tools
– Fredrik Ahrentorp (fredrik.ahrentorp@ri.se) – Altium Designer

Access to software that enables facile design and development of various devices, circuits, and ASIC of different complexities.
Altium Designer is used for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs). It a user-friendly tool for creation of board schematic and layout. Gerber files are easily generated for manufacturing and component assembly. Altium Designer has well-developed interfaces to import and export PCB design databases. Boards can be exported in 3D format to provide 3-dimensional viewing and further simplify mechanical design of casing and enclosure. Altium 365 offers a cloud-based design platform where PCBs can be shared between different users.
Europractice membership gives us access to academic licenses for integrated circuit (IC) design tools. That includes Cadence and Mentor Graphics (Siemens) electronic design automation (EDA) software for creating semiconductor chips. Process development kits (PDKs) are available through Europractice to select technology for semiconductor manufacturing.

We possess 3 licenses of Altium Designer.