Centrofuge: J.P. Selecta – Centrofriger BLT

Centrofuge: J.P. Selecta – Centrofriger BLT

Equipment: J.P. Selecta – Centrofriger BLT
Technique: Centrifugation
Contact person (UNINOVA): Pedro Barquinha (pmcb@fct.unl.pt), Ana Rovisco (a.rovisco@fct.unl.pt)
Responsible: Inês Cunha (i.cunha@campus.fct.unl.pt)

Description: BLT is a versatile high-speed centrifuge with microprocessor control, maintenance free induction motor drive, and composed of a large range of rotors and adapters. It is used for the separation of particles from a solution through use of a rotor, according to their size, shape, density, viscosity of the medium and rotor speed.


  • Refrigerated, temperature range -12 °C to 40 °C;
  • External case of DUR-AL alloy with ABS plastic coated front AISI 304 stainless steel bowl;
  • Max. Volume: 400 mL;
  • Max. number of tubes: 4 x 100 mL;
  • Height / Width / Depth (exterior): 34 x 41 x 71 cm;
  • Power: 960 W;
  • Weight: 39 Kg.
  • Induction drive maintenance free motor;
  • Low noise level 50-60 dBa;
  • Robust all metal construction:
    • External case made from DUR-Al alloy;
    • Internal bowl and top plate all stainless steel;
    • Internal steel safety chamber within the case.
  • Electronic circuits, microprocessor digital control of all parameters and functions: speed, acceleration, brake, RCF, temperature, timer, 10 program storage, automatic rotor recognition and alarm system;
  • Rotor identification head, when the centrifuge lid is closed the rotor communicates all the data of the functions of it;
  • All Rotors, buckets and adapters are identified with an inalterable engraved laser code;
  • Air circulation system, to limit any excessive rise in temperature within the centrifuge;
  • Hermetically sealed compressor, mounted on anti-vibration mounts with recirculating evaporator around the centrifuge chamber (only applies to refrigerated centrifuges).

Link for additional information: https://grupo-selecta.com/productos/centrifuga-centrofriger–blt-230v-50hz–7001769