Laser micromachining – FemtoLAB

Laser micromachining – FemtoLAB

Equipment: Laser micromachining workstation – FemtoLAB
Technique: Laser structuring
Contact person (Technische Universität Dresden): Ali Shaygan Nia (ali.shaygan_nia@tu-dresden.de), Hans Kleemann (hans.kleemann1@tu-dresden.de)
Responsible: Hans Kleemann (hans.kleemann1@tu-dresden.de)

Description: FemtoLAB is a femtosecond laser micromachining workstation. It offers combined laser micromachining processes at a submicron resolution and can perform a variety of applications (e.g. surface and volume micro- and nano- structuring, femtosecond laser ablation, laser grooving, multiphoton polymerization (MPP) | direct laser writing (DLW), laser cutting & drilling, etc).


  • Can be used on myriad materials like glass, metals, plastic, ceramics, silicon etc.
  • Implements a high power, ultrashort pulse IR, green, UV laser with automated optical path selection
  • 10 W of available laser power at wavelengths of 1030nm, 515nm and 343nm
  • Mechanical axes in X, Y and Z directions with positioning accuracy of ± 0.3 µm
  • Real-time visualization and positioning camera with feature recognition
  • Compatibility with substrates as large as 16×16 cm2 with water cooling on Laser system and dedicated air cooling on mechanical and electrical system

Link for additional information: https://wophotonics.com/products/femtolab/