Sheet-to-sheet pilot line: MBraun GB

Sheet-to-sheet pilot line: MBraun GB

Equipment: MBraun GB
Technique: Sheet-to-sheet printing
Contact person (Hellenic Mediterranean University): Konstantinos Rogdakis (krogdakis@hmu.gr)
Responsible: Emmanuel Kymakis (kymakis@hmu.gr)  

Description: N2 filled S2S pilot line for the development and in-situ electrical characterization of printed electronic devices. The devices fabrication and characterization pilot line consists of two fully automatic controlled glove boxes (MBraun LABmaster Pro). The solvent glove box equipped with spin coater (MB-SC-200), microbalance (Shimadzu-AP125WD), UV/ozone cleaner (MB-UV-O3) and hot plates. The dry glove box with integrated metal evaporation system (MB-EcoVap) containing 4 different sources and equipped with a quartz window and electric feedthroughs which allow the in situ current-voltage testing inside the glove box. 


  • Spin coater speed 7000 rpm (+/­1%) & Acceleration 150 rpm; Substrate size:  6” x 6” 
  • Hotplate with cover: Temperature: approx. 20-600°C including PID
  • UV-Ozone cleaning of surfaces: Wavelength: 184.9nm & 253.7nm
  • PVD-System with cylindrical high vacuum chamber, electro-pneumatic lifting mechanism
  • (PLC-controlled); 2 pcs. Double type thermal resistance evaporator ; Rating: 10V @ 200A = 2kVA; Water cooled high voltage feedthroughs
  • Solar Simlator Class ABB for products of 2″x2″; 150 W; <6° Collimation Angle; 2,0″ +/-0,5″ Working Distance. Integrated into Glovebox; Air Mass 1,5 Global Filter for the simulation of a total (direct and diffuse) solar spectrum when the sun is at a zenith angle of 48,2° (ASTM E892).
  • SMU I-V system: measures the current-voltage curve of a solar cell and then automatically calculates key device properties. In addition, I-V measurements can be performed periodically over time to track the stability of these properties.