Microwave CEM Discover SP

Equipment: Microwave CEM Discover SP
Technique: Synthesis
Acquisition year: 2013/2014
Responsible: Ana Pimentel /

Description: The Discover SP is a powerful microwave synthesizer for performing a wide range of organic and inorganic synthetic chemistry. The system features a best-in-class 25 mL single-mode microwave cavity, allowing for extremely flexible reaction vessel sizes, in both pressurized and open vessel modes


  • Widest pressurized vessel sizes for a single-mode microwave – 10mL, 35mL, 100mL;
  • IR Temperature Sensor that sees through glass and Teflon;
  • Vent and reseal technology for safe handling of over-pressurization (ActiVent);
  • Variable speed magnetic stirring and rapid compressed air cooling.

Link for additional information (if any):
CEM Discover SP Brochure