Austria • Joanneum Research (JOR)
Transnational Access Activity/Installation
TA3. Prototype fabrication • TA3.2. Functional 2D & 3D printing

Equipment: PIXDRO/LP50
Technique: Ink Jet Printer
Acquisition year: 2012

Description: The PiXDRO LP50 is an R&D printing platform designed around inkjet-printing process development. It includes features, which aid in process control as well as a wide array of settings, which can be adjusted to match each application. Furthermore, because of its modular and open design, it can and has been adapted to support a variety of printing technologies such as ESJET, solenoid valve, and most notably functional, multi-material 2D and 3D inkjet printing.


Max Substrate Size227 x 327 mm
Max Substrate Thickness25 mm
Max Print Speed (application dependant)400 mm/s
Max Stage Temperature60 °C
Stage Accuracy 5 µm (3σ repeatability)
System Weight90 kg 

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