Thermostatic vacuum dryer: Selecta Vacuo-Temp

Thermostatic vacuum dryer: Selecta Vacuo-Temp

Equipment: Thermostatic vacuum dryer Selecta Vacuo-Temp
Technique: Vacuum drying
Contact person (UNINOVA): Pedro Barquinha (pmcb@fct.unl.pt), Ana Rovisco (a.rovisco@fct.unl.pt)
Responsible: Alexandra Gonçalves – amfg@fct.unl.pt

Description: VACUO-TEMP thermostatic vacuum dryer is designed for drying samples at adjustable temperatures from +5ºC up to 170ºC with a temperature fluctuation of ±2ºC, under a specific atmosphere or vacuum. It includes Pt100 probe, shielded heating element, vacuum pump rear connection, vacuum valve and tempered glass bell with silicone gasket.


  • Max. vacuum: 10-2 mmHg; 
  • Usable volume: 3 L;
  • Diameter of the heating plate: 23.5 cm;
  • Exterior dimensions (Height / Width /Depth): 17 x 28 x 34 (cm);
  • Power: 540 W;
  • Time range: 1 to 999 min;
  • Weight: 9 Kg.

Link for additional information: http://www.expt.pt/media/files/Selecta/JP%20SELECTA%20english.pdf