Screen printer: Thieme Lab 1000

Screen printer: Thieme Lab 1000
Austria • Joanneum Research (JOR)
Transnational Access Activity/Installation
TA3. Prototype fabrication • TA3.2. Functional 2D & 3D printing

Equipment: Thieme Lab 1000
Technique: Screen Printing
Contact person (Joanneum Research): Barbara Stadlober (barbara.stadlober@joanneum.at)
Responsible:  Manfred Adler (manfred.adler@joanneum.at)

Description: The laboratory Screen printer 1000 is used exclusively for printing rigid and flexible materials in the format 400 x 400 mm and a maximum thickness of 20 mm. The precise table guidance, in conjunction with highly dynamic servo driver, ensures high register accuracy.


  • High precision screen printer;
  • Automatic screen alignment with CCD cameras;
  • Automatic substrate alignment with CCD cameras;
  • Teachable camera software to allow different fiducial marks;
  • Patented squeegee system with automatic pressure control and self alignment;
  • Automated change of screen without removal of squeegee and flood bar;
  • PLC Control of all printing parameters with Siemens color touch panel;
  • Documentation and download of process parameters to perform statistics.

Link for additional information: https://www.thieme-products.com/de-de/drucksysteme/warum-thieme/siebdruck-maschinenuebersicht/thieme-lab-1000