Laser cutter: Trotec Speedy 300FLEXX

Laser cutter: Trotec Speedy 300FLEXX
Transnational Access Activity/Installation
TA3. Prototype fabrication • TA3.1. Device Preparation

Equipment: Trotec Speedy 300FLEXX
Technique: Laser cutter
Contact person (RISE): Yusuf Mulla (yusuf.mulla@ri.se)
Responsible: Anurak Sawatdee (anurak.sawatdee@ri.se)

Description: The equipment is used to cut or engrave materials such as wood, metal, and polymer. Materials containing halogen or can create corrosive products is not allowed.

Material that should not be processed by laser

  • Any material containing Chlorine
  • Vinyl and PVC (corrosive gas)
  • Polycarbonate (produce black and yellow gas and make your stomach sick
  • Polystyrene and polypropylene foam (catches fire)
  • Fiberglass or Printed circuit boards
  • Carbon fiber

Less suitable

  • ABS, acceptable result if not melt, always produce bad smell


Using the described laser one can cut of the following materials:

  • CO2 laser: acrylic, laminates, leather, paper, plastics, textiles and wood

Using the described laser one can engrave of the following materials: 

  • CO2 laser: acrylic, glass, laminates, leather, paper, plastics, stone, textiles, wood

Using the described laser one can mark the following materials: 

  • Fiber laser: acrylic, laminates, metal, plastics