First EMERGE online school

First EMERGE online school

We’re excited to announce that next week (20th- 24th of March) we are organizing the First EMERGE project online school with Pedro Barquinha, Konstantinos Rogdakis, and Konstantinos Petridis (interaction with ATHENA university)!  The school will be a blended training programme combining on-line and face to face intensive training sessions.

The online school will be open and free-of-charge to undergraduates, MSc students, PhD students and researchers, requiring just a simple registration: >>Registration link<<

The first day of the online event will be devoted to show what is EMERGE and how it can be a valuable initiative for academics and industry working in flexible large-area printed electronics and photonics. The remaining 4 days will be devoted to presentations from top scientific researchers internal and external to the EMERGE consortium, on topics related to each one of the transnational activities:

  1. Design, modelling and simulation;
  2. Material synthesis and characterization;
  3. Prototype fabrication;
  4. Demonstrator characterization and validation.


At the end of the school, students/researchers will have a short online quiz through Moodle about the lectures. The 25 students/researchers with highest scores will be selected for an on-site training in Nano@HMU: Nanomaterials for Emerging Devices, Institute of Emerging Technologies, HMU Research Center facilities during next Summer in Crete!

The in-person school will enable selected students/researchers from the online school to network with other students/researchers, work in laboratory environment at HMU, attend workshops on critical soft skills and know the Greek culture and social living.

Students/researchers will be divided in working groups, with each group developing a specific experimental work on topics related to flexible/printed electronics and photonics. In the last day of the school each group will make a short presentation of their work, making use of the scientific knowledge and soft skills gathered during the school.

With the completion of the online+in-person school, the student/researcher will receive a certificate with the learning outcomes and 3 ECTS credits.

More details for program and speakers find here: >>EMERGE school programme (updated version_20/03/2023)<<

Do not miss this opportunity to join this event. Apply now!

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