Ready, set, go: First project on EMERGE institutions was completed!

Ready, set, go: First project on EMERGE institutions was completed!

Let’s meet Milija Sarajlić and Evgenija Milinković!

Both participants are researchers at Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy (Serbia), who submitted a project idea for exploring the potential offered by screen printing technique for depositing metal oxide mixtures for oxygen sensors. This project makes part of a collection of 7 projects submitted during the first round of Calls, which was granted for free-of-access at one of the EMERGE institutions, counting with the collaboration and hospitality of CEZAMAT Institute, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland).

With them we celebrate the beginning of the implementation of project ideas on sustainable flexible large-area printed electronics and photonics, and their testimony opens the door for the EMERGE project keep going its journey on attracting tallented people from research organizations, industry, and small and medium-sized enterprises, willing to make the difference in their projects with the help of experts.

“We had three wonderful and very busy days at CEZAMAT Institute, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, within EMERGE infrastructure. We have met new colleagues and we have been fascinated by friendliness, hospitality and willingness to help. It was very intensive work, but also valuable experience in the field of automated screen printing. The visit was very useful for personal development, learning new skills and networking. What made us interested in EMERGE infrastructure was expertise, equipment, and know-how which we could gain through this collaboration. We expect a strong impact of this visit to our research and we believe that the EMERGE vision is crucial in enabling transnational development and advantages in new technology across Europe.”

Congratulations to our participants!

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