Revolutionize your electronics production line and materials transformation at lightening speed using light

Revolutionize your electronics production line and materials transformation at lightening speed using light

Experience the Power of PulseForge photonic sintering technology at RISE – Printed Electronics Arena

Innovation is the lifeblood of progress, and in the world of electronics, new breakthroughs are constantly reshaping the industry. In April 2023, Research institutes of Sweden (RISE), one of the partners of European project EMERGE organized an event at their lab Printed Electronics Arena (PEA) in Norrköping, Sweden. This event was organized in collaboration with several companies and other European project LEE-BED. This dynamic collaboration brought together leading experts from DP Patterning, Merconics and RISE to unveil the incredible capabilities of the cutting-edge PulseForge Invent photonic sintering/curing system. The revolutionary technique that can melt or transform materials with a flash of high intensity light.

The event served as a vibrant platform, showcasing a multitude of applications in real-time, including impressive demonstrations of sintering of nanoparticle based copper, silver and gold inks, drying of graphene based paste to soldering on a diverse range of materials like copper, functionalized aluminium etc. Attendees were not mere spectators; they had an open invitation to test the photonic technology using their own materials, amplifying the potential for their businesses. The capabilities of PulseForge system were tested to its limits by investigating drying/ sintering / soldering on flexible substrates based on wide range of materials from plastic (PET), paper to stretchable materials such as TPU and textiles. “We tested the PulseForge technology to solder a LED using a flash of light on functionalized aluminum contacts deposited on a plastic substrate of PET and, sintering of screen printed gold inks for wearable electronics”, says Mohammad Yusuf Mulla, researcher at RISE involved in both EMERGE and LEE-BED projects.

One of the standout advantages of integrating the PulseForge flash technology into an electronics production line is the unparalleled energy savings it offers. Thomas Veit, the esteemed business development manager at Merconics, affirmed, “You can achieve up to an astounding 80% reduction in energy consumption by leveraging this remarkable innovation when compared to conventional reflow soldering.” This not only translates to significant cost savings but also underscores your commitment to sustainability, positioning your company as a champion of eco-conscious practices.

Now, you may be wondering how you can access this transformative technology. Look no further than EMERGE’s partnership with PEA at RISE, Norrköping. The PulseForge technology is at your fingertips, for you to explore lightning-fast soldering technique or transform materials using flashes of light. Whether you are delving into sustainable electronics, flexible electronics, printed electronics, or organic electronics, this cutting-edge solution holds the key to unlocking the next level of success for your business.

“If you’re passionate about sustainable electronics and seek to propel your organization forward, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us,” urges Duncan Platt, the highly regarded Unit Manager at RISE. With their deep expertise and unwavering commitment to supporting businesses in their quest for innovation, EMERGE and its esteemed partners spread across Europe, are here to guide you towards realizing your full potential of your expertise.

To witness the astounding capabilities of PulseForge technology in action, we invite you to watch the captivating video on Youtube showcasing the event. Prepare to be inspired as you witness hands-on examples of this revolutionary technology transforming the landscape of electronics manufacturing.

The future of electronics is here. Will you seize the opportunity to redefine your business and join the vanguard of innovation? Contact EMERGE today to initiate, conceive, and execute small highly ambitious innovative projects utilizing state of the art infrastructure offered FREE of charge to industries, engineers and researchers around the Europe and beyond.

Now, the opportunity to harness this game-changing technology and embarking on a transformative journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future is within your grasp via EMERGE.


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