Hall effect: Biorad Nanometrics HL5500

Hall effect: Biorad Nanometrics HL5500

Equipment: Biorad/Nanometrics HL5500
Technique: Hall Effect Measurement
Contact person (UNINOVA): Pedro Barquinha (pmcb@fct.unl.pt), Ana Rovisco (a.rovisco@fct.unl.pt)
Responsible: Jonas Deuermeier  (j.deuermeier@fct.unl.pt)

Description: The HL5500PC is a high-performance Hall Effect Measurement System with a 0.5 T permanent magnet. It enables measurement of resistivity, carrier concentration and mobility on a wide range of semiconductors and with minimum effort in sample preparation.


  • Basic instrument can measure sheet resistivities up to ≈10 MΩ/square and Hall voltages of ≈10 μV.
  • With the high impedance buffer amplifier, extended sheet resistivity measurement capability to 100GΩ/square and source currents as low as 1pA.
  • Temperature dependent measurements between 90 K and 550 K
  • Ideal sample size: 1×1 to 1.5×1.5 cm2 (1 mm thick)
  • Accepts Van der Pauw, bar, or bridge shaped geometries

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