TA2.1. Materials characterization

Transnational Access Activity
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 SoA optical spectroscopy system to measure thin-film absorption, transmission and reflection.
 State-of-the-Art X-Ray diffraction system (Bragg-Brentano geometry) and gracing incidence driffaction. 2D Detector (Lyx-Eye).
UPS (ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy) can measure HOMO position, ionization potential and vacuum level of metals and semiconducting materials.
Optical method to determine n&k values. Measurement ideally on standard substrates (silicon substrates)
Multi-function AFM (contact, tapping, surface conductivity, ..). Equipped with microscope system to position sample precisely but also to optically excite sample (photoconductivity)
Viscometer is an instrument used to measure the viscosity of a fluid. Viscosity is the physical quantity that indicates the internal friction of the...
UV-Vis spectrometer Cary 5000 is for the measurement for both solution and solid sample. It provides precise transmittance or reflectance measurements in the ultraviolet...
Tasks and Applications: Checking the content of cleaner or wetting agent in a bath is an important QC task in many industrial processes: 
The ZEISS optical microscope (Axio Scope. A1) allows to imaging samples based on both reflected light and transmitted light with objectives of x10, x20,...
NMR measurement for solution samples for structure elucidaiton. Standart measurements for 1H, 13C, 11B, 19F and many more nuclei.
Measurement of solution and solid samples over a wide m/z range. The MALDI method enables the measurement of a broad mass range.
Analytical and preparative separation of organic molecules of a wide variety. High throughput, low analysis time and minimal sample carryover.