Atomic force microscope: Bruker Multimode 8 HR

Atomic force microscope: Bruker Multimode 8 HR

Equipment: Bruker Multimode 8 HR
Technique: Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Contact person (Technische Universität Dresden): Ali Shaygan Nia (ali.shaygan_nia@tu-dresden.de), Hans Kleemann (hans.kleemann1@tu-dresden.de)
Responsible: Ali Shaygan Nia (ali.shaygan_nia@tu-dresden.de), Payam Hashemi (payam.hashemi@tu.dresden.de)

Description: The Bruker MultiMode 8 AFM provides nano-meter surface topography imaging and pico-Newtown surface force measurement in air. Bruker’s exclusive ScanAsyst mode offers automatic image optimization for faster, more consistent results. It will continuously adjust scan rate, setpoint and gains to obtain the highest quality image. There’s no need for cantilever tuning and ScanAsyst continuously monitors the tip-sample interaction force, thereby eliminating setpoint drift. PeakForce QNM enables direct mapping of nanomechanical properties, including elastic modulus, adhesion and dissipation, at high resolution and normal scan rates. The data channels are quantitative and unambiguous, unlike conventional phase imaging and some competing multi-frequency techniques.


  • Contact, Tapping, and ScanAsyst imaging modes
  • Normal and lateral forces measurement
  • Measurement in air 
  • AFM resolution: < 5 nm
  • No additional sample treatment needed
  • Auto functions
  • Chemical-electric measurement module

More Information: https://www.bruker.com/en/products-and-solutions/microscopes/materials-afm/multimode-8-hr-afm.html?campaign=166985978&source=127875044844&keyword=&device=c&medium=cpc_searchAFM&gclid=Cj0KCQjw06OTBhC_ARIsAAU1yOXEVxnyaPMft0htBg3tWXRM1nMgzhwHebkhK7b1cRAfCFMpqheT-O4aAgxuEALw_wcB