Van der Pauw: Ecopia HMS-3000 hall measurement system

Van der Pauw: Ecopia HMS-3000 hall measurement system

Equipment: Ecopia HMS-3000 
Technique: Van Der Pauw Method
Contact person (Hellenic Mediterranean University): Konstantinos Rogdakis (krogdakis@hmu.gr)  

Description: The HMS-3000 Hall Measurement System is a complete system for measuring the resistivity, carrier concentration, and mobility of semiconductors using the Van Der Pauw method.


  • Maximum sample size (Small board) – 6mm x 6mm, (Large Board/Spring Clip Board) – 20mm x 20mm.
  • Measurement Temperature: 300K (room temperature), 77K (Liquid Nitrogen).
  • Cool-down time: 10sec.
  • Measurement Material: All semiconductors including Si, SiGe, SiC, GaAs, InGaAs, InP, GaN (N Type & P Type can be measured).
  • Data input of depth enables comprehensive measurement of the whole material.
  • Resistivity Range of HMS-3000: 10-4 to 107 (Ohms-cm).
  • Magnet: Permanent magnet (diameter: 50mm).
  • Magnet Flux Density: 0.51 Tesla nominal +/-1% of marked value (Optional 1 Tesla sample kit for 300K testing only)
  • Stability: 2% over 1 years.
  • Uniformity: +/- 1% over 20mm diameter from center.
  • Pole Gap: 26 mm.
  • Hall voltage range: 1uV to 2000mV.