Electrochromic display characterization

Equipment: Electrochromic display characterization.
Technique: Measurements setups for characterization of organic electrochromic displays
Contact person (RISE): Yusuf Mulla (yusuf.mulla@ri.se)
esponsible: Peter Andersson Ersman (peter.andersson.ersman@ri.se)

Description: Customizable measurement setups for the characterization of electrochromic displays. The setup includes: X-probe (Inventables) with a stepper motor for semi-automated characterization, power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, parameter analyzers, DAQ cards, spectrophotometer, optical microscope. In addition to this, climate chambers are also available for environmental testing.

Specifications: Various equipment can be combined, depending on the targeted outcome of the characterization. The most common parameters to study are: current and color contrast behavior as a function of voltage, switching time, retention time, manufacturing yield, manufacturing reliability in various environmental conditions, development of drive protocols for passive matrix addressed displays. 

Type of samples: No particular requirements on the samples, except that color contrast measurements typically require a segment area of 10×10 mm.

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