TA4.1. Device metrology & characterization

Transnational Access Activity
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The Lifetime setup can measure relative luminance change, voltage, CIE of OLEDs over long time.
The system allows to determine absolute OLED efficiencies ( EQE in %, Luminous efficacy in lm/W) in a single measurement.
This high end, high current potentiostat/galvanostat, with a compliance voltage of 30 V and a bandwidth of 1 MHz, combined with our FRA32M module, is specially designed for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.
Setup for measuring Photoluminescence Quantum Yield (PLQY) of thin film evaporated and spincoated samples. 
SEM tabletop microscope operating at 5 and 15 kV equipped with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) detector.
The UV confocal Raman microscope is an advanced method to acquire chemical and phase compositions, texture, phase transitions, residual stresses and structural information non-destructively with a resolution down to the optical diffraction limit.
The optical microscope is a standard modular microscope that permits sample observation and images acquisition and analysis through the Cell A software.
QUANTX-300 is Newport’s fully-integrated system for Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE) and External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) measurement of photovoltaic devices.
The ergonomic and modular Leica M80 routine stereo microscope with ESD design, large field of view, increased depth of focus and improved resolution easily replicates measurements.
The system is capable of measuring the spectral response and quantum efficiency of any kind of photovoltaic devices, such as single or multi junction solar cells or sensors in an area.
High resolution field emission SEM microscope operating at up to 30 kV equipped with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) detector, and reaching resolutions down to 0.7 nm. 
The LSM 700 is a light microscopy system that uses laser light in a confocal beam path to capture defined optical sections of the material sample and combine them into a three-dimensional image stack.