FTIR – ThermoFisher Scientific Nicolet 6700

FTIR – ThermoFisher Scientific Nicolet 6700

Equipment: FTIR – ThermoFisher Scientific Nicolet 6700
Technique: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
Acquisition year: 1998 
Responsible: Rita Branquinho /

Description: FTIR allows the determination of the molecular groups of all organic materials, and many inorganic materials. Works on transmission or reflection mode (ATR). 


Transmission mode 

  • Measurement range: 4000 – 400 cm-1
  • Sample size: 1 cm diameter or 15mmx15mm
  • Sample type: powders (in KBr pellets) and thin films (on c-Si wafers polished on both sides) 

ATR mode 

  • Measurement range: 4500 – 525 cm-1
  • Sample size: 1mL (liquids), 100mg (powders), >3 mm diameter (films and bulk samples) 
  • Sample type: liquids, powders, thin films (films < 2.5µm: standard c-Si wafers; films > 2.5µm: any substrate) and bulk samples (flat surfaces)

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