Mask-less laser lithography: JOR-Prototype

Mask-less laser lithography: JOR-Prototype
Austria • Joanneum Research (JOR)
Transnational Access Activity/Installation
TA3. Prototype fabrication • TA3.4. Nanoimprinting & laser patterning

Equipment: Mask-less Laser Lithography (JOR-Prototype)
Technique: Mask-less Laser Lithography
Contact person (Joanneum Research): Barbara Stadlober (barbara.stadlober@joanneum.at)
Responsible: Ladislav Kuna (ladislav.kuna@joanneum.at)

Description: Maskless laser lithography system for creating high quality 1D, 2D and continuos-relief (2.5D) (sub-) microstructures on large areas (< 6″ substrates). With our patented technology we can furdermore fabricate such structures on 3D macro (planar and curved) objects to obtain new effects and functionalities. Applications can be found in mastering for key enabling replication technologies and rapid-prototyping in the fields of photonics, optics and lab-on chip.


  • Critical dimension in XY: 200 nm in Z: 120 nm
  • Maximal structure height: 60 µm
  • Aspect ratio:  1:4
  • Structure type: 1D, 2D, 2.5D and free-form
  • Patterning on planar and curved substrates
  • Laser writing speed of about 1cm2/h depending on structure
  • Integrated one-photon lithography (1PL)  and two-photon lithography (2PL) for creating true 3D structures
  • Laser wavelengths of 405 nm for 1PL and 780 nm for 2PL
  • Maximum area of planar substrates: 16×16 cm2
  • Maximum size of 3D macro object with curved surfaces: 5x5x5 cm3 

Link for additional information: https://www.joanneum.at/materials/das-institut/forschungsgruppen/hybridelektronik-und-strukturierung