Lesker System

Transnational Access Activity/Installation
TA3. Prototype fabrication • TA3.5. Vacuum assisted deposition

Equipment: Lesker System
Physical Vapor Deposition
Acquisition year: 2006
Responsible: Hans Kleemann,

Description: Fabrication of OLED/ Organic Solar Cells in UHV on large area substrates

  • Specifications:
    3 Lesker tools for 15cm x 15cm substrates → operated by experienced technicians
  • Mask and Wedge-System to build hundreds of OLEDs, Solar cells, or transistors in one run ensuring high reproducibility and precise control over thicknesses and blending ratios
  • Encapsulation robot and thin-film encapsulation process available
  • Up to 20 organic materials + 3 metals, heatable substrate
  • System in clean-room with wet-bench
  • Automated measurement setup