Photo-response and quantum efficiency measurement: Newport QUANTX-300

Photo-response and quantum efficiency measurement: Newport QUANTX-300

Equipment: Newport QUANTX-300
Technique: Photo-response and Quantum Efficiency Measurement
Contact person (UNINOVA): Pedro Barquinha (pmcb@fct.unl.pt), Ana Rovisco (a.rovisco@fct.unl.pt)
Responsible: Manuel J. Mendes (mj.mendes@fct.unl.pt)

Description: QUANTX-300 is Newport’s fully-integrated system for Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE) and External Quantum Efficiency (EQE) measurement of photovoltaic devices. This model also includes a 4-wire sense which broadens the capabilities to include a large range of sample sizes and efficiencies. 


  • Spot Size: 1.1 mm x 1.2 mm at focus
  • Working Distance: 85 mm
  • Wavelength Range: 320 – 1800 nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy: +/- 0.5 nm
  • Spectral Response Repeatability: < 0.5% of measured value
  • Programmable Voltage Bias: +/- 10V
  • Signal Acquisition: Chopper with virtual lock-in amplifier
  • Chopper Frequency: 4.0 Hz – 100.0 Hz
  • Input Voltage: 90 – 264 VAC
  • Power Consumption: 400 W
  • Power Supply Operating Mode: Constant current or constant power
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Dimensions (m) (W x D x H): 0.85 x 0.37 x 0.49

A variety of accessory modules provide positive sample positioning, temperature control, and electrical probing capabilities, as well as a light bias system (based in laser diodes) to allow the measurement of tandem (double junction) solar cells. Allows for simultaneous measurement of EQE and the reflective losses to quantify IQE.

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