OLED/ solar cell life time setup

Equipment: OLED/ Solar cell life time setup
Technique:  Lifetime measurment
Contact person (Technische Universität Dresden): Ali Shaygan Nia (ali.shaygan_nia@tu-dresden.de), Hans Kleemann (hans.kleemann1@tu-dresden.de)
Responsible: Paul-Anton Will (Paul_Anton.Will@tu-dresden.de)

Description:  The Lifetime setup can measure relative luminance change, voltage, CIE of OLEDs over long time. The lifetime setup consists of 6 racks with 8 measurement slots for 1 inch x 1 inch OLED each, so 48 in total. In each box four OLED-pixels can be measured separately, DC (constant current), DC (constant voltage) or AC. The box consists of a sample holder with electrical contacts as well as an optical detector unit with RGB photodiode. The cathode of the sample is connected to the ground. The anodes of the four pixels are connected separately so that each pixel of the sample can be driven at a set constant current or voltage as well as at an alternating current. The currents range is usally about 10 mA/cm2 to 60 mA/cm2 . The setup is limited to voltages up to ~12 V. The data is processed and stored by a computer running a specially designed program called “Simple Lifetime”. The time interval in which measurement data is taken is set to 10 minutes. The absolute luminance cannot be detected by the photo diodes. Therefore, the luminance values measured prior to degradation by the IVL-measurement robot can be used as an initial reference. 


  • Standardized Electrolayout required