Equipment: Open Air facility
Technique: Outdoor PV monitoring
Contact person (Hellenic Mediterranean University): Konstantinos Rogdakis (krogdakis@hmu.gr)
Responsible: George Viskadouros (viskadouros@hmu.gr)  

Description: The open-air lab possesses all the supporting infrastructure, such as power electronics and automatic data acquisition systems for their continuous monitoring of the performance of PV panels to provide a better understanding of their reliability and on top of that for the performing a benchmarking with traditional PV technologies, such as Silicon.

Specifications: Direct correlation of the environmental conditions, such as solar irradiation, temperature, humidity and dust with the PV output performance.

  • Solar array and panel-level outdoor performance continuous monitoring, including current-voltage curves
  • Field I-V curves for modules, strings, and arrays.
  • Simulation for grid-connected energy generation
  • Correlation studies to environmental conditions: irradiation, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction
  • Benchmarking with commercially available solar panels, Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS), Cadmium Telluride (CdTe), Polycrystalline Silicon (Poly-Si) and Bifacial Si panels.
  • Recording of real-time PV performance data at the maximum power point
  • Outdoor solar farm infrastructure for the monitoring of module/panel temperature, DC characteristics and cumulative energy yield.