IPCE measurement system: QE-R EnliTech

Equipment: QE-R EnliTech
Technique: Quantum Efficiency/ incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency (IPCE) Measurement System
Contact person (Hellenic Mediterranean University): Konstantinos Rogdakis (krogdakis@hmu.gr)

Description: QE-R quantum efficiency system is a PV cell tester which can provide cell’s QE (quantum efficiency), PV-EQE (external quantum efficiency), IPCE, SR (spectral response), IQE (internal quantum efficiency), Reflectance. Two independent lock-in amplifiers, which monitor the optical power and measure the device signal simultaneously.


  • Absolute light intensity calibration.
  • SR, EQE measuring.
  • Auto in-situ Jsc(EQE) calculation.
  • Auto Jsc(EQE) calculation at each wavelength.
  • IQE calculation. 
  • Bandgap analysis.
  • Data collecting and analyzing.
  • Mismatch factor (MMF) calculation.
  • Signal monitoring function.