Equipment: Renishaw/InVia-Qonto
Technique: Micro Raman Spectroscopy
Acquisition year: 2016
Responsible: Hugo Águas/

Description: A technique based on the inelastic scattering of monochromatic light from a laser source, providing chemical information of a sample. 1 in 106 photons scatter inelastically, with an energy shift that can relate to the molecules’ particular energies, providing information about vibrational, rotational, and other low frequency transitions, giving a fingerprint Raman spectrum of the material.


  •     Raman Microscope with 532 and 633 nm lasers
  •     spectral resolution of 0.3 cm-1(FWHM)
  •     mapping capability with 100 nm of lateral resolution
  •     real time dynamic AUTO FOCUS (unique feature)
  •     Stability <±0.01 cm-1
  •     Wavenumber cut-off: 5 – 30,000 cm-1
  •     Spatial resolution 0.25 μm (lateral) <1 μm (axial)
  •     Peltier detector size (standard) 1024 pixel x 256 pixel;
  •     No water or liquid nitrogen required Depth

Micro-Raman spectrometers can be used in any application where non-destructive, microscopic, chemical analysis and/or imaging is required. It allows to rapidly characterize the chemical composition and structure of a sample, whether solid (particles, pellets, powers, films, fibres), liquid (gels, pastes) or gas. Little or no sample preparation is required, and it is a label-free technique, which reduces the potential for artifacts. It is possible to analyse samples multiple times and to generate correlative and complementary information using downstream techniques.

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