Equipment: Silvaco’s™ TCAD tools
Technique: TCAD simulation
Acquisition year: 2022
Responsible: Jorge Martins /
Description: A suite of tools by SILVACO™ for TCAD simulation of semiconductor technologies. The physical-based simulation provides both predictability and insight into the physical-mechanisms of device operation.


Process simulation (“Athena”): 

  • Simulation of device fabrication processes (mainly MOSFET-related): Oxidation, Implantation, Deposition, etch, and lithography steps
  • Prediction structure morphology and properties (carrier concentration, material stress, etc) based on fabrication steps

Device simulation (“Atlas”):

  • Electrical simulation of devices (which can be either “user-drawn” or “fabricated” in Athena)
  • Requires definition of models and material properties (some already existing in the database)
  • Different temperatures and optical stimulus can be applied
  • Modules for quantum, photoelectronics, LED, TFT, organics, noise and thermal simulations.
  • DC, AC, or transient simulation
  • 2D or 3D simulation
  • Enables the visualization of the physical quantities inside the device 

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