TA1.2. Modelling & simulation

Transnational Access Activity
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Software: COMSOL Multiphysics®: Fuel Cell & Electrolyzer Module Technique: Simulation Contact person (UNINOVA): Pedro Barquinha (pmcb@fct.unl.pt), Inês Cunha (i.cunha@campus.fct.unl.pt) Responsibles: Manuel J. Mendes (mj.mendes@fct.unl.pt),...
PFSim-Prost is a parallel phase-field code for the simulation of multicomponent and multiphase mixtures undergoing thermodynamic phase transformations, which is coupled to the equations...
LB3D is a state of the art massively parallel lattice Boltzmann code for the simulation of multicomponent and multiphase fluids which is specifically applicable...
Software for modelling thin-film solar cells with arbitrary device geometry.
A suite of tools by SILVACO™ for TCAD simulation of semiconductor technologies.
 FDTD is a numerical analysis technique used for modelling computational electrodynamics. The simulation area is discretized into so called Yee cells.
Free-form-optics offer the ability for creating tailor made radiant intensity or irradiance distributions, which cannot be achieved using conventional optical lenses.
 ASAP is a commercial raytracing software for simulating the behaviour of optical components or entire optical systems. This technique is based on the geometrical...