Zeiss Axio Scope.A1

Equipment: Zeiss Axio Scope.A1
Technique: Optical microscope
Acquisition year: 2015
Responsible: Dr. Ali Shaygan Nia / | Dr. Payam Hashemi /     

Description: The ZEISS optical microscope (Axio Scope. A1) allows to imaging samples based on both reflected light and transmitted light with objectives of x10, x20, x50. Illumination by mixed light (both reflected and transmitted) in the same moment is also possible. Microscopy Camera Axiocam 105 color with driver software and aptina CMOS color sensor is also employed to acquire images with a basic resolution of 2560 (H) x 1920 (V). Polarization of – 90° rotatable and differential interference contrast functions are also installed.


  • Dark Field Illumination
  • Bright Feild Illumination
  • Polarization – 90° rotatable
  • Differential interference contrast (DIC)
  • Aptina CMOS color sensor with a basic resolution of 2560 (H) x 1920 (V)

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