Xfold Imaging wins Photonics 21 Innovation Award using roll-to-roll technology from Johanneum Research

Xfold Imaging wins Photonics 21 Innovation Award using roll-to-roll technology from Johanneum Research

Xfold Imaging Oy (Xfold), a cutting-edge startup from Aalto University in Finland, has been honored with the prestigious Photonics 21 Innovation Award. The award was presented at this year’s Photonics 21 Annual Meeting, held on April 27th in Brussels. This recognition highlights Xfold’s groundbreaking contributions to the field of bioimaging and diagnostic applications using nanostructured plasmonic glass/plastic slides, and also the invaluable support provided by EMERGE project (Emerging Printed Electronics Infrastructure) in accelerating initiatives like Xfold’s.

As part of the EMERGE project, Xfold received valuable support from the research group Hybrid Electronics and Patterning (Johanneum Research, JOR – Institute MATERIALS). Within this collaboration, large area signal-enhancing plasmonic structures for research and diagnostic applications by means of roll-to-roll (R2R) Nanoimprint Lithography could be produced. For this purpose, JOR researchers played a crucial role by characterizing the master provided by Xfold and successfully producing a R2R polymer stamp from it. With this polymer stamp, they were able to replicate the Xfold structures on PET film on the R2R pilot line from JOR, achieving a significant milestone in their journey towards mass production and upscaling.

“The technology helps enhance weak optical signals and can be produced on a variety of substrates such as silicon, glass and polycarbonate and cut into various sizes,” explained Nagarajan Subramaniyam, CEO and co-founder of Xfold, at the Photonics 21 Annual Meeting 2023.

The success of this collaboration showcases the tangible impact of EMERGE in driving innovation and accelerating the development of groundbreaking solutions.

Congratulations to Xfold Imaging Oy and the research group at JOR MATERIALS institute for their collaborative success at the Photonics 21 Annual Meeting!

Source: https://www.joanneum.at/en/materials/latest-developments/news/news-detail/xfold-imaging-gewinnt-mithilfe-unserer-r2r-technologie-den-photonics-21-innovation-award

Image: R2R pilot line (credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH)

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