Simulation tool: Breault Research Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP)

Simulation tool: Breault Research Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP)
Austria • Joanneum Research (JOR)

Software: Breault Research  Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP)
Technique: Ray-Tracing
Contact person (Joanneum Research): Barbara Stadlober (barbara.stadlober@joanneum.at)
Responsible: Claude Leiner (claude.leiner@joanneum.at

Description: ASAP is a commercial raytracing software for simulating the behaviour of optical components or entire optical systems. This technique is based on the geometrical optical equations, therefore the propagation of light is described in terms of rays, which are “traced” trough the simulation area. At suitable positions inside the optical system, the rays can be stopped and evaluated.


  • Full geometrical control of surfaces inside the simulation area to build realistic models of the simulated optical models.
  • Up to 100k different surfaces possible in one simulation model.
  • Very high simulation speed, depending on the complexity of the optical model several millions of rays can be traced in minutes.
  • Different optical properties can be attached to the surfaces in the simulation model like e.g. a change of refractive index, reflecting/absorbing properties or scatter models. 
  • Realistic models of light sources or ray files measured by LED manufactured can be used for the simulations. 
  • Investigation and optimization of optical systems with regard to various optical properties, e.g. system efficiency, generated irradiance distributions at arbitrary positions, generated radiance distribution of the optical system.
  • Evaluation of the stability of an optical system with regard to manufacturing and assembly tolerances by means of tolerance simulations  

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