Mechanical testing machine: Cometech QC-Tech M2 tensile machine

Mechanical testing machine: Cometech QC-Tech M2 tensile machine

Equipment: Cometech QC-Tech M2 tensile machine (stretching, compression, tearing, cyclic bending)
Technique: Mechanical testing 
Contact person (Warsaw University of Technology): Jakub Krzemiński (Jakub.krzeminski@pw.edu.pl)
Jerzy Szałapak (jerzy.szalapak@pw.edu.pl)

Description: Cometech QC-Tech M2 tensile machine is a universal tensile machine with large test space, long stroke and maximum test capacity is 20 kN. Currently, two sensors (10 kN and 200 N) are available with multiple grips. The machine has a maintenance-free transmission mechanism to reduce machine maintenance problems and in the same time it provides a quiet test environment and high-precision test results. The machine has single-separated electric control box, separate electronic control system to avoid interference with the transmission components to increase test stability and also conducive to the maintenance and updating of electronic systems.


  • Max. Capacity 20kN
  • Speed accuracy 0.0002 ~ 1000 mm/min adjustable (Set up by computerized) – Accelerating voltage: 0.5~30 kV 
  • Force Resolution 1/100,000 (31 bits)- 5-axis motor drive for stage control 

Link for additional information: https://www.cometech.com.tw/tensile-testing-machine/